Шланг для флайборда 23 метра (X-Power Hose)

Шланг для флайборда 23 метра (X-Power Hose)
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ZR01002 - X-Power Hose
The X-Power Hose is constructed using a heavy woven polyester outer jacket with a thick natural rubber inner liner. The combination of these materials make the X-Power Hose an ideal fit for most Flight Centers and Rental Operations where frequent use is a must. It features a larger diameter than the Standard Hose which noticeably improves efficiency. Available in 18 meters (approximately 60 feet) or 23 meters (approximately 76 feet) in length. See Item Number ZR01C05 or ZR01C06 for the X-Power Hose with the Assembly Kit. Highly recommended for use with the Hoverboard®.
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